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CyberGhost – VPN made easy


After ghost-writing 100s of articles on VPN for my clients, I should have a VPN how-to guide under my name, right? Thus, I wrote a VPN Guide for beginners. And now, here is my CyberGhost review after using it for about six months.

CyberGhost is one of the free VPN providers available in the market. Although it’s always a better idea to go for paid VPN services, this software caught my eye; I don’t know why! Maybe, the interface.

The interface

I have always been a fan of dark themes, and when I installed and used CyberGhost, none of the other VPNs suited me. You get the option to surf anonymously, torrent anonymously and others on the home screen itself. You don’t have to enter any services screen or select one from drop-list. Whatever you want CyberGhost to help with, click it, change the settings according to your preference and go.

Cyberghost interface

The setup process

Setting up CyberGhost VPN on your device is pretty straightforward. You download and install the app. You don’t need to go through a lengthy technical process to set it up. When the installation is complete, you are ready to be a cyber ghost. You don’t even need to log in to use their services.

Now, select the option to surf anonymously, and the next screen lets you choose the server you want to connect to. There are some toggle buttons too, but they work only for the paid subscribers. But you can choose to launch the default browser in incognito mode upon successful connection.

You know the incognito mode, right? The browser doesn’t store your browsing history in this mode. I use Chrome, and it makes sense not to allow Google store my past when I seek privacy through the use of a VPN. OK, you select a server, hit Start and wait.

The pros

CyberGhost is free, it’s reliable, and it works. Do you want more? It secures your connection, and even with the encrypted VPN data bytes getting transferred alongside, you won’t notice any reduced performance. And there aren’t any monthly data transfer limits, unlike other free VPNs. The app is available for Windows, Android, Mac, iOS and also Linux.

The free version gives you access to many servers in Europe and if you want more supported country, pay. CyberGhost has a competitive pricing scheme and if you loved the free service, buy the 3-year plan. It’s cheaper than a cup of coffee per month.

The cons

The connection drops every three hours. The free session runs only for three hours, and then CyberGhost disconnects. You have to connect it again. Another drawback is the waiting time. Many users are trying to get connected for free, and you have to be in line for about 2-3 minutes to get your slot.

Although CyberGhost allows BitTorrent traffic to pass through, the feature is available only to the paid users. So, if you want to download torrents anonymously, subscribe! The subscription also helps you skip the waiting line and get an instant connection.

The verdict

I write a lot – about many different things. At one moment it’s about an exerciser and in the next hour, I may be roaming Srilankan beaches. And that doesn’t mean I want to buy that machine or to plan a vacation.

To get rid of those ads and activity tracking, I use CyberGhost, and it serves me well. So, when are you turning on your ghost mode? ;)