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The Power of Canva


It was just the other day when I read a blog post on backlinks. No, Canva has nothing to do with content marketing or ranking but is a photo editing and design tool. The post had something about creating infographics for a visual appeal and using Canva as the go-to tool. And I thought to give it a try, late at night. :D

I was online on my mobile, so downloaded it from the Play Store. And when it opened… Well, I have used Canva earlier. Did you see my social media headers? If not, here it is.

My writer header image

I needed another way to put text on my header and Canva did a good job there. A long list of catchy inbuilt fonts and a bit of font spacing. And my header looked great. Canva is a great tool for placing and aligning text on a background. And it’s easy to use.

It was just a trial and I uninstalled Canva, until last night. I was browsing for ideas, sacrificed one hour of my precious sleep and my business card was ready. It was the first try but it looked great. This photo designing tool has a good collection of graphics for you to use, some free and others paid. It’s another thing that I used a wrong template size. So, made some further alignments and resizing on my PC. You need the mouse when it comes to perfecting a design. ;)

And to crop off the extra area, the good old MS Paint came handy. Yes, Canva supports resizing and putting your design on different templates but that’s a premium feature. But my design came out good without going for the premium, and here is the final product. 😎