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Flowchart for Writing Process [Infographic]


How do you proceed to write a content piece? What does your writing process look like? What are the steps to follow to ensure your content is well structured?

Those are among the writing-related questions, people have asked me. And to be honest, I didn’t have a definite flowchart for writing, until now.

Depending on my knowledge about the industry or a particular topic, I might need to spend hours on research and outline. And at other times, I might be able to source material from my previous writeups. So, I couldn’t come up with a satisfactory answer ever.

But one fine evening, when I didn't feel like writing, I thought about collating my writing process steps. Of course, it is similar to every other writer, but I needed a precise visualisation of that sacred ritual.

Began with noting down the basics, but soon it got jumbled with lots of ‘if-and-else’. And there came the thought about outlining a flow chart on writing.

An hour or two later, here’s what I came up with –

My writing process flowchart

Flowchart for Writing

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