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What I did last summer!


It’s nothing special or anything extraordinary, but I started something which I love. I started writing as a career, and it would be my first job anniversary this July. 😁 I won’t say I made many (or some) good friends, but I met many wonderful people and got to work for (and with) few of them. And I never felt more productive earlier.

I got to earn – I got to learn – and I got a taste of satisfaction. Yes, I feel content – penning (typing) my thoughts now and then – or creating content for others. Apart from the ghostwriting projects I received as a freelance writer, I also got some excellent guest writing opportunities.

if you don’t know, I used to be a casual product reviewer (and a sort-of blogger) at MouthShut, and also wrote reviews of hotels and restaurants at TripAdvisor. And it was just another day when I finished a hotel review and thought of entering the world of professional writers. And I don’t regret it at all.

There has been a problem though. I feel short of words at times. I don’t know if it’s some memory problem or a lack of vocabulary, but I know that I know the word to be used but can’t recall it. So, I have to ask Google again in those times. And it helps, most of the times. Maybe I need to read more. Check – Do I love reading?

Can’t work on my vocabulary by the way, as I can’t memorise things. I “know” things by practice and I wish I get to write on varied topics. I revised my basic HTML skills, learnt a bit about SEO with practice, some copywriting and even tried my hands on WordPress development.

 A grain of help here, a drop from there and I designed my website. Yes, is my creation and it has a lot of contribution from my friends there on LinkedIn. The site is my blog, it is my portfolio and it also is the showcase of my works. You are welcome to check the articles I have written. The list is growing. Ummm I am working on my marketing skills too.

Sshhh! Freelancers have to handle a lot of things, right? Apart from their expertise, they have to let the world know about their expertise. You don’t have a company backing you up. You work for one and then another one, but an employee of none. All you have is an experience and a social media presence. But yes, those guest blogs did help me create a portfolio. The portfolio of The Lazy Writer who didn’t have any previous experience in content creation.

Thanks to the clients who gave me the first few chances, and helped me in setting myself up as a freelance content writer. And thanks to Upwork, the good for nothing guy, now has a speciality. 😉